Getting “Carded” – A Case For Business Cards

Mmmm… what was not working? Is it the business model? Is it the franchise owner? Is it the fact that there are too many rules to make any money? Is it because nobody wants to serve cereal? (heck no! there were lots of cereal server want to be’s). So what was it that made this new business idea fail in one of the richest areas in California? For goodness sakes there’s a UC Campus there ~ that’s all they eat when they’re in college: cereal!!

BUSINESS IDEA But what about the national trade press? You’re just a little store, right? You’re not a huge supplier or one of the biggest players in your industry. What can a small business marketer do to get attention in the trade press?

Talk about Business – You are a businessman and in the business environment. Change your choice of words and language in your life. Talk your company as a business; do not talk it about a business. You must convince yourself that you are running a business. If you do not believe in your business, how you can expect others to believe it. You do not say the words that show you are not serious in business, for example, “I’m trying to start a business”; you must say “This is my business”.

Here’s the point: if a customer reads your classified ad headline, takes the time to look at your picture, read your content, and then click to visit your site — then, my friend, you have interest in your idea! But if 10 people read your classified ad and you got zero clicks back to your site, then you can do two things: One, re-write your headline. Or two, test another service or product. Go back to action step number 2, and re-do that exercise.

It’s like having a fast looking car but under the hood you have 50 hp motor and you show up to the races. doesn’t look too good. You need to have everything in sync. There are many books out their to help you develop a mindset to support you goals and in finding a profitable home BUSINESS idea. Some of the books I have read are as follows.

BUSINESS NEWS Reveal a special sale or any special offers you have going on. Tell your prospective customer exactly why they should do everything possible to seek you out.

Fifth, you don’t have to give up your time and put in a lot of physical effort. Online business can be set up to run on autopilot. You can do the work once and then let it work on its own without you having to do it yourself.

Quite often existing companies in a market can become complacent or are tied down with bureaucracy and so offer poor customer service. A new entrant with a new approach, looking at things in a different way can often see the difference between what is currently being supplied and what the customer really wants and values. On a large scale, Richard Branson has applied this proven formula on a number of occasions. Technology is having this disruptive effect on a number of existing industries. You only have to look at the way the high street is changing to see the effects of that the Internet and mobile computing is having.

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